Can I trust TickTrader?

Unforutnately it is very hard to prove that you can trust the service.
TickTrader is still at the very beginning, so there are no consumers vouching for it which makes it harder. 😬
Best would be to try it with a demo account, and see if there is some suspicious going on. This way you can start to build trust into this service.

Just to have it asked: Do you trust other third party charting software with your credentials?
I guess when they started their service, they also had trust issues. 🤔

If possible, I try to use OAuth2.0 login to connect to the broker / provider. Oauth2.0 is as far as I know the most secure way to share credentials. If the broker does not provider such a login, I will still try to avoid plain email/password or user/password logins. Unfortunately sometimes it is not possible otherwise…
The connection to the TickTrader server is using https, so it is a “secure line” to the server.

What are the advantages of TickTrader?

Please see comparison to other software

Is TickTrader down right now?

Usually updates and fixes are applied during the weekend (no specific time reserved for that).
These updates shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.
If TickTrader is down during the week (market open time), please reach out directly via discord.

How do you explain the pricing?

  • There needs to be hardware / cloud to run the servers on
  • To value the hours I put in
  • You would support me to work fulltime on TickTrader.
    Which will enable me to:
    • Provide even better support
    • Be faster with new features
    • Add support for other indicators
    • Include more feature request from you
  • I want to give back to the OpenSource community (via donations), as I am using some OpenSource tools for this project
    • This means, by subscribing to a plan, you are indirectly donating to OpenSource 💪

Can I try it before subscribing?

You can use the provided demo login, to have the naked tick chart (no indicators or trading).
Simply login here and use the token demo.
The demo login will provide live data delayed by 30 Minutes.
Also you can checkout the screenshots here.

How can I check the connection lag when using TickTrader?

Simply check the ping page. (Use the demo login, as stated one answer above).
Please note that there is an initial delay, which is about creating the connection.
This connection establishing can take up to a few seconds.
As soon as the connection is established, the ping duration should decrease and be stable.

How do I connect my broker? 🤝


cTrader is the most secure and easy way to connect.
Simply hit the login button here and follow the steps of the OAuth2.0 flow.
In case you have multiple cTrader accounts, please select only one account to be connected!


Simply pass in your login credentials and account Id you want to trade on.
You can find your accountId on MyFXCM.
Please note: I contacted FXCM API support about their OAuth2 support, but unfortunately they do not support this right now.

Why can’t I login with FXCM

First, make sure your credentials are correct.
If you still cannot login, please reach out to [email protected] and ask them to enable the Java API. (This should be enabled by default for every user on FXCM, still we experienced an issue as well)


Currently in the works. A prototype is already coded - but not ready for production yet.


Unfortunately this is not possible.
Metatrader is a closed ecosystem with no public API to access.

Is it safe to provide my credentials?

The best in terms of security is to use a provider with OAuth support –> with that you have everything under your control.
This means, there is only a token passed to TickTrader, NO credentials will be shared.
Usually this token can be easily revoked Right now cTrader is the only provider to support such a login.
FXCM unfortunately does not support OAuth login.
Also, you can always give it a try with a demo account of your broker.

How does backtesting work?

A historical data will be re-run on tick level.
Tick provider for historical data (either backtesting OR just Historical View) is Dukascopy historical data.
So be aware that the spread might not be the same as with your used broker.
Backtesting behaves exactly the same as with live trading (except not being live) + the advantage to change the speed of ticks being received.

Which indicators are supported?

  • On price level (up to two indicators)
    • Base is either tick or in minutes
    • Moving Average
    • Exponential Moving Average
    • Zero Lag Exponential Moving Average (Algorithm explained on FxCodeBase)
    • All of the above can be paired with:
      • Bollinger Bands
      • Static envelope
  • On oscillator level (up to five indicators)
    • Base is either tick or in minutes
    • Diff of two averages (similar to MACD)
      • The two averages can be of different algorithms

Which indicator values are supported?

Generally there is not a limit on it (although the UI might not allow you to increase a value above 99,999 you can still do so!)
As there is a buffer of ticks for 24 hours only, it will make sense to have indicator values in the lower hours range.
I suggest you to use indicator values for minutes or even on tick level.

Why not any other indicators?

  • On the oscillator level I will provide RSI / CCI in future.

Why is there no trendline support?

Keep your chart as simple as possible!

Why is there no Support/Resistence drawing tool?

Keep your chart as simple as possible!
You can always use the crosshair tool as a horizontal line.

Can I have a volume indicator?

NO - there is no.
But you can literally see every “volume” (tick change) with this tool.
FYI: On Forex / CFD volume doesn’t really exist - your broker just counts 1 Volume increment per tick. (This is different to a Centralized Market)

Why is the indicator setup not on the chart?

The indicator settings are stored on the server. Also all the calculation is done on the server.
This means you will have always the same setup, no matter which device you use.
So the browser is “simply” your viewing / trading gate and does no calculations at all.

How to zoom the charts?

How can I zoom the X-Axis?

Simply zoom by using the mouse wheel. Or via Pinch-To-Zoom on your TouchScreen.

How can I zoom the Y-Axis?

Usually there is no need to zoom the Y-Axis, as the default setup will automatically show everything thats visible.
In the case, you still want to zoom the Y-Axis simply drag the Y-Axis Labels up or down.
Additionally, on the Price section only, when the Y-Axis was zoomed once you can also drag in both directions (X- and Y-Axis)

How do I reset the Zoom levels?

To reset the Y-Axis zoom level, simply double-click on the respective Y-Axis.
To reset both, X- and Y-Axis, use the Reset Zoom button on the top left corner.

how do I reconnect easily to my broker (in case of connection issues to your broker)

Check this page.

What means “No provider connected”?

You need to connect to your account here

Why don’t I see a trade?

Make sure the instrument of the trade is subscribed here.

Why don’t I see an instrument to trade (on the Ticker page or the Trade page)?

Make sure you have subscribed to the instrument in question here.

Can my login token be hacked and misused by some hacker?

In general I try to make the whole experience as smooth and secure as possible.
My plan is that you receive an UUID as token (nothing else).
This way, you should stay anonymously (no email or username required).
See Wikipedia page on UUID for more informations (especially about duplicates).

The login endpoint is rate-limit protected, so it would take a hacker around multiple lifetimes of the universe to crack a token.
Unfortunately, I need to check if this idea of the UUID is feasable with the payment providers.

Anyway you can always be hacked, if you do not secure your stuff properly! (eg: make sure https is used; do NEVER share your received token; do not install some weird software on your PC; …)
On the server side, I will take care of security.

NOTE: if you notice something suspicious on your trading account IMMEDIATELY change your password or revoke the OAuth token!

How can I logout (demo shows logout, my provided login credentials not)?

Usually there shouldn’t be the need to logout from your given account once logged in.
In case you really want to logout, simply clear the cookies of this page.
See here for instructions, in case you con’t know how to do it.
If you want to temporary see the logged out state (to login with demo or for whatever other reason) you can also always simply use a anonymously browser (in chrome it is called New Incognito Window, for Firefox New Private Window)

Why is instrument xyz not supported for Backtesting or in historical tickdata?

Unfortunately currently there is only a limited support of historical instruments.
This limitation is due to hardware limitations - which might be updated sometime.
All Major Pairs and some Cross Pairs are supported currenlty. Also a few important indeces and some commodities.

Why is there a limit of instrument subscriptions?

Currently there is a limit 15 instruments you can subscribe at the same time.
In my opinion, this should be enought for every trader (especially when scalping).
A side note: Subscribing to the instruments takes a toll on my hardware, so the less subscriptions the better performance… 😄

Why can’t I open a trade on my mobile?

In my opinion trading on mobile never turned out as a good idea. Thats why you cannot open a trade (but closing is allowed).
If you still want to open a trade on mobile, you can change the setting in your browser to Desktop site (or something similar).

Are there any ads?

No, and there will never be!
Also there are no affiliate links to any other products on this page.
This also means there is no need for any weird cookies.
Regarding cookies see the question below.

Quick answer yes.
Details: There are two (2) cookies in total:

  • Your authentication (Login only once per device)
  • Your currently connected broker (Note this is just a flag, NO credentials or similar)

Is there any Newsletter I can signup with my EMail address?

No, I will try to avoid using your email addresses as long as possible (or any other identification objects).
Somehow I will have to verify your subscription, but that should be possible with just the token.
If there will be something like a newsletter (or similar), I will provide it via RSS, so you subscribe to it via an RSS reader.
As you can see, I try to make the usage for you as anonymously as possible - No Cookies, No Ads, No Identification object, …