How does TickTrader compare to other software and other charting tools?

This is just a quick (and most probably incomplete) overview of the most used platforms.
Please do your own research when comparing to other software.

Feature TickTrader MetaTrader cTrader TradingView Notes
Viewing raw TickData MetaTrader has no support

cTrader very limited history and visualization

TradingView’s lowest resolution is 1 Second
Trading on raw TickData cTrader very limited
Historical raw TickData TickTrader supports data back to ~2012
Backtesting on raw TickData TickTrader provides a very basic backtesting logic

All other platforms provide backtesting, but not on tick level
Indicators on raw TickData
Ticker with MA for quick MarketOverview TickTrader offers the Ticker page to get a quick overview of the market with 3 customizable MAs
Help you break your bad habits Metatrader might offers this via 3rd party EAs
Creating Limit and Stop Orders Planned improvement, see roadmap
Trading on Chart Planned improvement, see roadmap
No additional software needed All platforms provide a web interface
Extendable via plugins and custom indicators TickTrader does not support extensions
There is no plan to support this in future
Automated trading TickTraders’ goal is to bring your manual scalping performance to the next level
Multiple Timeframes ✅/❌ There is only the Tick-Timeframe. You can zoom out as you wish; also you can use custom values for indicators (e.g. use as basis 3 Minute instead of Tick)
TrendLines and drawing on the Chart On purpose. TickTraders goal is to have a simple UI

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication (Leonardo Da Vinci)
Indicator support ✅/❌ TickTrader is limited to some basic indicators
Quick SL / TP changes TickTrader supports changing of SL and TP with a single click. Also there is a SL -> BE+1 quick button