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Some ideas for new features

Note: this is not in any particular order

  • Add templates for indicator setup, to quickly change different setups
  • Support for partial closes
  • Create limit / stop entry orders
    • Show Limit/Stop entry orders on the chart
  • Broker Support
    • IBKR
    • IG
    • Binance (not sure, if TickTrader should support crypto brokers)
    • FXCM oauth (contacted support team, this is still not supported by FXCM)
  • FIX support
    • cTrader
    • FXCM
    • IBKR
  • Setting alerts on the chart
  • Improve overall UX

Maybe sometime later:

  • 2 oscillator sections
  • Move calculation of indicators to client (So that the backend only keeps a buffer of the Ticks) - reduce server load. (if necessary)
    • This might be VERY tricky or might not be really be doable without a major rework of the current setup. (Also there is no immediate benefit for you as a user - thats why it has low prio)
  • A webapp (usage outside browser) - most probably via Compose Multiplatform or Tauri

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